Quality Policy

SIA assumes the commitment of continuous improvement aiming at assuring the quality of our services as a fundamental pillar in the consolidation of SIA and commercial brands in markets where it operates.

On this assumption, SIA is committed to:

  • Promote the competence based on knowledge, a condition inherent in the value creation for customers in the provision of services to be carried out by SIA.
  • Create Partnerships with customers to know and understand their needs and expectations to ensure their satisfaction, always looking for creating sustainable value and the continuous identification of ideas and opportunities.
  • Drive the business in a sustainable way through management practices which promote the rigor, efficiency and effectiveness of activities and processes, through proper planning, objective definition and monitoring its implementation, identification of areas for improvement, thus ensuring the efficient use of resources.
  • Understand Innovation as the path to sustain competitive advantages of the services provided, to ensure differentiation or adaptation in new markets and to anticipate the challenges of the future.
  • Promote business development on the basis of confidence and enthusiasm, balanced with the transmission of the essential vision of the future aiming at SIA vitality ensured through the individual obligations and by compliance with the requirements, including from customers, as well as from the continuous improvement on services quality.
  • Select partners committed to ambitious goals aiming at business development, always maintaining a relationship of symbiosis and confidence. SIA integrates the requirements of quality management systems established on internationally recognized standards and acts to maintain a high level of quality of our services while ensuring value creation, customer satisfaction, motivated workforce and a clear contribution to the development of society.


The Management Team

July 27th, 2012