SIA is recognised in the market for quality, rigor and degree of innovation of the Environmental Studies that develops.
Emphasis on the development of environmental studies and diagnostics, with a focus on Environmental Impact Assessment.

These services consist in critical analysis, with varying degrees of detail, on the environmental situation of an organisation. Carrying out an environmental diagnosis allows to obtain a characterisation, on a certain date, of the environmental situation of an organisation. The goals can be diverse, including the assessment of compliance with environmental legislation applicable, carrying out an environmental review for the implementation of an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 or EMAS.

Research on the status of a given site whose use may be linked to possible outbreaks of pollution. This service consists of an environmental diagnosis to a site, which can be used in commercial transactions, pre-purchase or pre-sale, premises or land, called Due Diligence. The entire process is carried out in accordance with ISO 14015 – Environmental Management, Environmental Assessment of sites and Organizations.

SIA has extensive experience in the carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), with emphasis that all studies conducted to date have received favourable evaluations from the competent authority.

In Portugal, and depending on the type and size of the activities that organisations develop, they may be subject to specific processes for industrial licensing and/or environmental, or another. This process can be conducted by SIA, including required complementary studies and the assurance of their integration in instruction of various licensing procedures.